Saturday, January 14, 2012

Kullad Wali Chai!!!

            When with the break of dawn, the first sight is 'kullad wali chai’, I realize that this morning of Lohri, train taking me through an entirely different route than the usual course. This is my first exposure to Jharkhand.

                        The unsettled fog, the reigns of mountains, red soil and the beguiling sun peeking through the windows reminds me of my own land.

                        As train explores a dissimilar route, I follow up my thoughts to my own sojourn of life. Behind every significant and insignificant incident, the motive of life is to impart us a lesson to be stronger. Concerns are raised that as we grow up number of learning and number of friends we make decreases exponentially. But contrarily, I feel that we become more selective about both.

                        Being experienced in terms of living life and understanding people, we subdue the feeling to learn more and make friends pass letting others know, it as a sign of growing senesced.

                        With this ‘kullad wali chai’ I reminisce about the biggest assert I always had, my friends past, present and future. Every old and new route I walk on I gather few but incredible people in life. Along with chai, we share a part of our lives, with all those smiles shared, mid night snacks, elite discussions or spicy gossips; it makes it all worth living a life. 

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