Sunday, August 2, 2015

An Ode to friendship: Umpteenth Version

When just for the motivation today, I typed in “an ode to friendship” on google, there were more than a million answers to it. It was motivation enough to add one more to the million hits, my motivation are my own personal, one in million bunch of friends. At this point it may safe to declare that I am not the most social person and much of my life that has gone by, I have been hanging between the extrovertness and introvertness; mostly towards the later part of it. It is not very easy for me to make friends, and the ones who are added to the list, its more so difficult to part ways with them. Friendship is one special song that all of us sing with our own lyrics, own tempo and in dreadliest of voices; which somehow falls in rhythm, so special that all trepidation is washed off.

I actually wanted to attempt writing a poem, but after much struggle for hour and a half and three cups of tea later;  I realised it isn’t my cup of tea. And then who other then google came to aid. Today I dedicate this poem to my friends, its not my original work, but it translates to everything I feel (just well versed then my satirical infliction). To all you guys(and google), with all the imaginable love:

A person I could chat with, sure
And not just talk, there was something more
A spark, a twinkle I so had missed
In my lifelong tiresome quest

We laughed at jokes that very few
Or, more than the often, no one knew 
Threw references that no one got
And swooned on things we never bought

We fought like children, and played like kids
And in each one of our crazy bids
We knew despite the roughest weather
We'd always brave all things together

And though we might a few times be
Out of sync and disagree
Throw tantrums, fits and scratch and yell
We'd always wish the other well

Such friends we are and I sure hope
That such friends we will always be
For like an anchor and its rope
You have become a part of me 

Poem Courtesy: Aanusha Ghosh (via Poem hunter)
Picture Courtesy: Its all me baby!!! ;)

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