Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Chaos... or the lack of it...

Chaos symbolises our lives,
infant's shriek that epitomises its beginning, and the howl that ends it all.
                           We in all times seek peace & quiet,
                           while its chaos that marks our subsistence.

It's roar that initiates the war,
or the tumultuous which signifies the unquiet of mind.
                             Chaos makes way for change,
                             its chaos in the apogee thats brings in the change.
Chaos is comprised of words or devoid of it,
either ways its latency is detrimental.

                            The alter universe, which is extruded of the pandemonium resulted,
                             it revolves around in sequestered dimensions.

Only to hit when least explicated,
to break into pieces & shatter in lintels, reverberating chaos.

Chaos symbolises life, concealed, coveted but omnipotent. 
Life symbolises chaos, its a part of peace process, 
its not the hurdle, it is innate part of concord.
there is no eluding chaos,
it needs to be embraced, in order to restore final extrication, profoundness, chaos, within. 

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