Sunday, November 13, 2016

Where you believe there is magic ... you will find it!

I was again tucked in at night,
Kisses were blown and light put off.

This was when from the stream of light flowing in,
From behind my curtain window,
Flew in the gnome with the baseball bat in hand.

He told me, he knew I was scared,
of the bigger guys on the field.
These never let me play with them.

I sat lonely, thwarted on the steps of the schools,
Hoping to get through the team.
Make use of the baseball bat grandpa gifted for birthday.

The white bearded man, taught me to swing the bat, hard & bad.
He scared me at first, but now he is my best friend.
We play, read & laugh, all night long.

I told my mumma all about my new friend,
She was scared and angry, all at once.
And I was sent to the bad doctor.

We spoke together for hours & played at times,
I liked the chocolate I got at the end,
But I was flooded with bitter tablets too.

It’s been 17 years since,
I came back from work to see the glimpse on her face.
She told me about the faerie, best friend.

I smiled and hugged her tight,

Tucked her in, and asked her to kiss the blue eyed fairy goodnight…

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